2012 ARES Membership Registration

Its that time of year again!  Time to start thinking about renewing your commitment to Marathon County ARES/RACES.  Every year we require that all members fill out our membership application, which is attached to this article.  One of these PDF’s is editable, so if you have the ability to do a PDF print you can just e-mail your new  application to the leadership team.  Also, just a reminder to review the membership standards for WI ARES/RACES at this link.  Another page you might want to look at is the Home Station Recommendations that WI ARES/RACES has.

Download the Marathon County ARES/RACES registration form here.

The leadership team will begin accepting applications for 2012.

Also was are now required to provide proof of our NIMS certifications.  This is a very easy process.  Simply call (301) 447-1200 and they will help you to get your certificates, in most cases right to your e-mail inbox within minutes.  Please, please get us this information quickly.  If we don’t have this information soon we’ll have to remove you from our roster.  You can send this information to Travis or Michael.

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