Home Station Recommendations

WI ARES/Home Station Setup Recommendation

  • Improve and test communications with all State Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) and Local Health Departments by having one statewide exercise and three local exercises
  • Link the first phase of WeComm repeaters and develop and publish linking procedures
  • Ensure all WI ARES/RACES teams update their rosters with the SEC, or his/her designate, at least annually
  • Publish recommended WI ARES/RACES member station guidelines:
    • VHF Base Station – minimum 6DB gain antenna at 20 feet high with 20 watts of transmitter power o UHF Base Station – Implement a UHF base station if not already part of the member’s system
    • HF Station – 75 meters, ensure antenna efficiency and as much operating power as legally and practically possible
    • HF Station – 160 meters, install a transmitting antenna, if possible

* Use the Incident Command System for all ARES/RACES public service special events

Please keep in mind that these are just recommendations, the big thing to keep in mind that more than anything you need to know how to operate your station efficiently. If you don’t know how to program the radio for a frequency that is not in the radio, it won’t do a lot of good.